Accessing offlineimap synchronized mail through a local dovecot

Lucien Pullen drurowin at
Wed Dec 4 19:35:11 GMT 2013

Also sprach Alan Schmitt on 2013-12-04:
> Hello,
> I'm trying to set up a local dovecot to read some mail synchronized
> through offlineimap. Unfortunately, it seems that dovecot does not see
> the mailboxes. Here are their names:
> Drafts
> [...]
> I'm not using any renaming on the folders, just filtering out some of
> them. So I guess the problem is the missing '.' in front of every folder
> name.
> How can I change my offlineimap configuration[...]?

Are you storing locally as type=Maildir?  Dovecot doesn't use the same
filesystem layout as pure Maildir; here are some details:

  + dovecot-uidlist
  + dovecot-uidvalidity
  + /cur      # INBOX
  + /new      # INBOX's new
  + /tmp      # INBOX's tmp
  + /.Drafts
  |   + dovecot-uidlist
  |   + /cur
  |   + /new
  |   ` /tmp

I had originally configured as locally with dovecot.  I did:
type = IMAP
preauthtunnel = /usr/local/libexec/dovecot/imap -o mail_location=maildir:$HOME/Mail/offlineimap-account

I would back up your metadata= and localfolders= directories (or the
relevant accounts in them, if you have more than one) and start from

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