Accessing offlineimap synchronized mail through a local dovecot

Alan Schmitt alan.schmitt at
Wed Dec 4 13:33:53 GMT 2013


alan.schmitt at writes:

> Hello,
> I'm trying to set up a local dovecot to read some mail synchronized
> through offlineimap. Unfortunately, it seems that dovecot does not see
> the mailboxes. Here are their names:
> Drafts
> Junk
> Sent
> Trash
> lists
> lists.annonces


> I'm not using any renaming on the folders, just filtering out some of
> them. So I guess the problem is the missing '.' in front of every folder
> name.
> How can I change my offlineimap configuration so that such a '.' is
> added to every folder name? Do I have to use nametrans for that? Do I
> need a reverse nametrans rule?

I've searched some more on the internet, and it seems that what I want
to do is:

- add this on the remote configuration (so that local folders now all
  start with a '.')

nametrans = lambda folder: '.' + folder

- add this on the local configuration (to reverse this change)

nametrans = lambda folder: re.sub('^\.', '', folder)

Is this correct?

Now regarding the migration to the new scheme, can I just rename the
folders locally an do the nametrans change, or do I need to re-download
everything? In other words, how does offlineimap store the information
about what is synchronized, and will this information still be correct
after a renaming and nametrans change?



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