Can offlineimap upload my Maildir to my IMAP account?

Julian T. Bourne julian at
Wed Feb 13 15:42:25 GMT 2013

I have my old Maildirs from my previous Roundcube server. I need to upload these into my new Zimbra IMAP server. 

I tried the following script, but it pulls the IMAP to my Maildir rather than sending the Maildir to my IMAP. 
I have XXX ceratin bits for security. 

Could someone help me please? 

Thanks and kind regards, 
jB ;) 

accounts = Zimbra 

[Account Zimbra] 
localrepository = Local 
remoterepository = Remote 

[Repository Local] 
type = Maildir 
localfolders = ~/Maildir 

[Repository Remote] 
type = IMAP 
remotehost = ulsbc3cb2.xxxx.intra 
remoteuser = xxx at 
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