handling IMAP server migration

Emmanuel Beffara manu at beffara.org
Mon Jan 28 18:52:47 GMT 2013


I am faced with a problem I am sure other people have had in the past.

I store all my work email on my university's servers, this includes archives
back to 2005 and represents roughly a gigabyte of messages. Recently the
university was largely restructured, and this implied a migration to a new email
infrastructure. The IMAP server changed, and so comes the "UID validity"
problem: all messages have changed UIDs. So, basically, I have all messages both
locally and on the server but offlineimap does not know that they are the same.

The proposed "solution" in the documentation
is to wipe everything and redownload everything, but it seems a nonsense to
download a gigabyte of data just because offlineimap is unable to figure out it
already has most of the messages.

The missing feature here is a "slow sync" that would involve (for instance)
fetching message-ids from the server, matching them with local files and only
downloading those that do not correspond. Is this possible? I guess this could
be done by hand, by directly hacking the state databases, but this looks like a
dangerous adventure...

Any suggestions?


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