Luis Mochan mochan at fis.unam.mx
Thu Jan 10 19:54:25 GMT 2013

Dear Stephen,

Thanks. As far as I understand, mutt creates a new file B with a new
name BUT with the same message id, and then deletes the old file
A. For example, your message was assigned the filenames
   A:  1357844811.29222_91.em:2,S
   B:  1357844889.30051_2.em:2,
both with
   Message-ID: <t5xr4lsdgs7.fsf at rgc.damtp.cam.ac.uk>
but B with the X-Labels and A without. Thus, I guess that further changing the
name of B will have no consequences. My own guess is that offlineimap
doesn't pay attention to the message itself as long as the message-id
remains unaltered, and thus, it doesn't realize that the message
changed and requires to be synced.


> Just a guess, but do you have to edit file A and put it into a new file
> B, and then delete file A?
> If so, just make a new filename B by adding a unique prefix to file A so
> that the trailing elements of file A (with tags) are preserved.
> If not, apologies!

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