Dan Christensen jdc at uwo.ca
Fri Jan 11 20:10:26 GMT 2013

Luis Mochan <mochan at fis.unam.mx> writes:

> Thanks. As far as I understand, mutt creates a new file B with a new
> name BUT with the same message id, and then deletes the old file
> A. For example, your message was assigned the filenames
>    A:  1357844811.29222_91.em:2,S
>    B:  1357844889.30051_2.em:2,
> both with
>    Message-ID: <t5xr4lsdgs7.fsf at rgc.damtp.cam.ac.uk>
> but B with the X-Labels and A without. Thus, I guess that further changing the
> name of B will have no consequences. My own guess is that offlineimap
> doesn't pay attention to the message itself as long as the message-id
> remains unaltered, and thus, it doesn't realize that the message
> changed and requires to be synced.

I believe that offlineimap inserts an


header which is what it uses to see if a message is new.  It works
on the principle that messages are immutable, which is part of the
IMAP standard.  But if you remove that header, offlineimap will think
that the message was deleted and that a new message appeared, and
that should do the right thing.


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