Using offline-imap to send email written offline

Thomas Kahle tomka at
Tue Jan 15 20:49:45 GMT 2013

On 16:46 Sat 12 Jan 2013, Erik Colson wrote:
> Hi,
> You might want to check out msmtp and msmtp-queue (which is a script
> located in a subdir of the source tree)

I was about to suggest the same thing.  It is part of my setup which
works completely offline and does all the syncing once you are online.

I use cron to check if there is a connection and then get mail going. 

One thing that is different from sending mail directly is that the
timestamp on the mail is generated when you finished composing it.  It
then sits on your harddisk until you connect again.  Then it is send out
unmodified.  When it is received by the recipient who may happen to sort
her e-mail by date sent, it may appear old, be on the second page of her
webinterface or something like this.  I like the idea that the time
stamp is generated when you finish the mail, I mean, that is when you
wrote it, but it can appear surprising to people who have not conquered
their inboxes yet.


> best -- erik
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