offlineimap, OSX, SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE and the cert_fingerprint?

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Thu Jan 31 21:24:48 GMT 2013

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On 1/31/13 12:46 PM X Ryl wrote:
> If you run offlineimap with no UI, then it'll print your server
> fingerprint to stdout.


> If you're paranoid, run it from a different IP to check if you
> still get the same fingerprint. Then copy and paste the fingerprint
> inside your .rc file, so you tell OI that you allow it to accept
> this server.

I got it to work, but its still somehow cheesy.

Is the fingerprint somehow included in the server certificate? Or is
it listed on the issuers database somewhere?

> To avoid MITM, there is no complete solution, but basically, if you
> connect from numerous (unrelated) place to the same server and
> still get the same fingerprint, then you're almost sure you're
> contacting the right server (unless the MITM is just before the
> server, but then you can't do anything)..
> If you're using SSH, you already know that, it's the same security
> as with the known_host file.

I was hoping you would say something different, but I guessed it would
work like ssh with known_host.

Good enough for now, I guess.

Thanks for your reply.

Still, the SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE error is not yet fixed?

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