IDLE does not idle, offlineimap immediately returns

Tomasz ┼╗ok tomasz.zok at
Tue Jul 23 12:50:38 BST 2013

Hi Franz,

> >I recently setup offlineimap and synced all my mail. The next step
> >is to make syncing easier (gmail is SO SLOW to sync) and setup
> >IDLE.
> >As the subject says it does not work as expected. The command
> >(offlineimap -o) returns after syncing, I could not find a
> >background process that potentially would listen for new mail.

Running "offlineimap -o" always causes it to exit after a single sync. To get
IDLE working (and benefit the most from it) you should run offlineimap
normally, but set autorefresh to a high value and idlefolders to your INBOX.
Then offlineimap will stay in the background, it will have to do a "SO SLOW"
sync from time to time, but IDLE will take care of handling you the e-mails

> BTW.: Though I said "yes" to recieve my own messages to the list i did not get a copy of my initial mail, so had to reply to my sent message in order to keep track of the topic.
I think that gmail recognizes when you receive your own message from a mailing
list and does not show it as a "new e-mail" because you can see it in the INBOX
either way

Best regards,

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