offlineimap hangs, several threads running then despite -1 flag

Lei tendant at
Mon May 20 17:57:56 BST 2013

Jonny Törnbom <jonny.tornbom <at>> writes:

> Hi,
> I'm currently running: Arch Linux with Kernel Linux 3.3.7-1-ARCH #1 SMP
PREEMPT x86_64,
> and Offlineimap hangs for me after ~5-10 minutes (no matter which UI, if
run in background etc).
> I'll explain what happens after a quick overview of my system:
> My system has Python 2.7.3 and OfflineIMAP 6.5.4.
> Remote server is an IMAP server with SSL:
> Server welcome string: * OK Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 IMAP4 service ready
> Server capabilities: ('IMAP4', 'IMAP4REV1', 'AUTH=NTLM', 'AUTH=GSSAPI',
> Local dir is Maildir (and I use Mutt as client).
> I've been running the same config/server etc earlier on a Debian Stable
system (with Python 2.6) and
> I did not experience any problems then.
> I've also been looking through the debug output when the problem occurs
but it doesn't seem to give anything
> useful, so
> for now i skipped to attach that, let me explain the problem first and ill
attach one later on if necessary.
> __The problem__:
> I'm basically starting offlineimap with offlineimap -1. Now offlineimap
starts to sync my account (i have
> 1 remote acc only),
> with about 10 directories. All fine for lets say the first 10 couple of
rounds. I'm currently using 5 minutes
> in between
> autorefreshes (set to not keep connection open).
>  After a while offlineimap just hangs at random places in the sync (it
varies from every run), but now it
> stopped at
> syncing my first directory, it just outputs:
> *** Processing account hidden
>  Establishing connection to
> Folder Busybox [acc: hidden]:
>  Syncing Busybox: IMAP -> Maildir
> And I'm unable to CTRL-C, I have to pgrep the pid and kill it. This
happens after a while _every_ time i run offlineimap.
> I've made some interesting observations about the threading. From starters
it only uses 1 thread as it
> should with -1, but
> after a while I've seen it start up to 4-5 threads that then has died
after the sync is complete. When offlineimap
> hangs I'm now seeing 3 threads of: /usr/bin/python2 /usr/bin/offlineimap -1
> The only useful information I found in the debug log this that gets
outputed at an even interval when its hanged:
> (Timestamps are wrong due to copy paste)
> [imap]:   11:59.38 reader poll => []
> [imap]:   11:59.38 reader poll => []
> ...
> It's not after any particular message that this occurs, as it hangs after
random time, but that output is constantly
> written when its stuck. It only stucks when syncing though, so no hangs
when it's counts down to refresh.
> I did run an strace on it too and that only gave me that it stops on a
FUTE_WAIT_PRIVATE call that never returns.
> What is struggling me most is why it's running multiple threads despite -1
flag (I've also tried to hardcode
> the singlethread variable to True in
> Anyone have a clue about whats going on, has seen the issue themselves or
know whats wrong?
> (I should say that I've tried running without -1 flag and I _still_ get
the hangs).
> If there's anything you want to know, just tell me and I'll respond.
> Thanks!
> Br,
> Jonny
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Is there any solution to this problem? I have exactly the same issue as
described below. Since it hangs forever, it stops me from using OfflineIMAP.
Any idea will be much appreciated.

I am using the latest code from in master branch. (SHA1:

Machine Environment: Python 2.7.4, Ubuntu Linux 13.04.


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