State of IMAP<->IMAP sync.

chris coleman christocoleman at
Sun Oct 20 15:33:06 BST 2013

Eric, your patch to keep all keywords (flags) sounds good- and I agree- OI shouldn't drop keywords except the subset that it uses- the proper, non-presumptuous way would be like your patch does, to keep all keywords. One vote from me in favor.

On Sunday, October 20, 2013 9:05 AM, Erik Quaeghebeur <offlineimap at> wrote:
>> What is the state / risk of using IMAP<->IMAP sync these days?

I've only used it for testing purposes myself, but perhaps my 2013-03-10 
patch posted to this group may be of interest: it ensures that all IMAP 
keywords are synced, not only those IMAP flags (predefined keywords) 
that map to Maildir flags, but also user-defined ones.

If there's sufficient interest in it, I'll try to get into the mainline 
by generating a pull request on github.


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