offlineimap erroneously maps T => \Deleted

Paul Rankin paul at
Thu Dec 4 06:58:42 GMT 2014

I'm using FastMail + offlineimap + mu4e.

The default FastMail Trash folder behaviour is to auto-purge messages in
the folder after 60 days and immediately purge all messages with the
`\Deleted` IMAP flag.

The mu4e "trash" behaviour is to move to the Trash folder and apply the
Maildir `T` (trashed) flag. The "delete" behaviour is to permanently
delete the file.

This pretty standard behaviour is obviously to allow a buffer of time
between "trashing" an email and having it erased.

However, offlineimap is mapping `T` => `\Deleted` which causes emails to
be immediately deleted. The `T` flag is *not equivalent* to the
`\Deleted` IMAP flag (see <>).

Both FastMail staff and mu/mu4e creator (see
<!topic/mu-discuss/m4ORymDlf0E>) have
confirmed that this is erroneous behaviour.

Can you please stop mapping `T` => `\Deleted`?

Paul W. Rankin

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