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bjornmagnus bjornmagnus at
Sat Dec 13 18:02:52 GMT 2014


I am trying to make a offlineimap sync from a Exchange account via davmail, this exchange account is around 20k messages and 2 gb to my home computer.
I am in the lucky position to have a linux server very close to my exchange account on the network, thus I can use this server to download the mail in 1 hour, whereas this would take many days from my home-computer. 

Thus I am trying to copy the maldir created by offlineimap on the server (via tar and scp) to my home computer.
However the offlineimap on my home computer always ends up wanting to overwrite the already downloaded files.

I do not think this issue is connected to davmail.

How to repeat: 
1 Have computer a and b.
2 Have identical .offlineimaprc on computer a and b.
3 Launch offlineimap on computer b, wait for it to finish.
4 Transfer maildir from computer b to a via tar (e.g. "tar -czf mail.tar.gz mail”) and scp. (the ~/.offlineimap/ directory on computer a at this point is non existant)
5 Launch offlineimap on computer a and wait for that instance to try to repeat all the work done by offlineimap on computer b.

There must be some trick to the .offlineimap directory, which i do not copy, as i suspect containts DB’s of the maildir files that are stored with non-relative paths (thus this would not work in my case as computer b is linux and computer b is OS X).

Any help would be appreciated :)

Best regards
Bjørn Magnus Mathisen

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