<DKIM> Re:<DKIM> AssertionError in cachemessagelist

Nicolas Sebrecht nicolas.s-dev at laposte.net
Tue Dec 23 01:59:09 GMT 2014

On Mon, Dec 22, 2014 at 02:04:09PM -0500, Isaac Bennetch wrote:

> > Please, show us the head of your LocalStatus files. They stands in the
> > cache. Look for the Account-<name> with the name of the offending
> > account:
> > 
> >   % cd <cache path>/Account-<name>/Localstatus
> >   % file *
> [Gmail].All Mail: ASCII text

Hmm. I think I'm going to have a good understanding of what's going
wrong and I wonder if the file utility is fair play by pretending it's
ASCII text.

I'm pretty sure this cache file has at least one non-ascii character
somewhere so that python str assert() is puzzled with a unicode type.

I bet it comes from a Gmail label. One way to fix it might be to come
back to ASCII labels. It SHOULD work. Please, don't. I have more
extra-work for you.

If I'm write, here is a patched version to fix encodings handling.
Download the zip at


unzip and

  % cd offlineimap-fix-unicide-localstatus
  % ./offlineimap # with your usual options

The patch I wrote introduce support for non full ASCII cache file.

I did check that all type assumptions regarding enconding are valid
LOCALLY in the source file.  It should be reasonable to assume it's
enough. I guess that there is only one driver to this cache file but I
didn't check the whole code in all the source files. So, I can't be 100%
sure the patch is enough.

As a consequence, please MAKE a full backup of your cache and your mails
before EACH sync while testing.

> >   % head -v -n1 *

So, the header does not look like plain broken. Good.

> I get the same output on both of my misbehaving accounts.
> I've noticed a discrepancy -- running head on the account that works
> properly gives
> Any thought about why the working accounr is FORMAT 1 and both
> non-working accounts are FORMAT 2?

Interresting. The format number is _to be_ updated to 2 since
OfflineIMAP v6.5.6-rc1. I say "to be", because the cache file is updated
only if it needs to be updated, regardless the current version.

The code that updates the file format from 1 to 2 and the offending
assert() were both introduced by the same commit. So, I know you have at
least v6.5.6-rc1 (or above 09556d6 to be exact). Otherwise, you would
never hit that "offending" assert().

I think that the working account cache file was not updated because
OfflineIMAP never had to update/rewrite it since you're above

IOW, it's fine to have cache files not at the exact same version.

Nicolas Sebrecht

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