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Interesting- this means the OI code must've run differently on OSX vs. Linux.  Do you have any log lines to share, that show different errors on OSX, vs. the logged errors/messages on Linux?  If you could run OI on both os's and generate logs on purpose and then copy/paste the relevant sections that would be very helpful tracking this bug down.

On Sunday, January 5, 2014 5:58 PM, Jamie Allen <jsdckr at> wrote:
Greetings again

Well, the problem is now fixed, if not solved. Precisely the same set-up run on Linux rather than Mac works perfectly. Go figure. 

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On 5/01/2014, at 12:36 am, Jamie Allen <jsdckr at> wrote:

Warmest greetings to you

I wonder if anyone is successfully using offlineimap to connect to Apple's icloud service on

My login fails to authenticate, and I have not been able to find any advice on this specific situation. Please excuse my ignorance. 

I'm running offlineimap on a Mac OS X 10.9, and am successfully downloading from gmail. However, icloud gives the following :

ERROR: Exceptions occurred during the run!
> ERROR: All authentication types failed:
>        PLAIN: [AUTHENTICATIONFAILED] Authentication failed
>        LOGIN: command: LOGIN => socket error: <type 'exceptions.IOError'> - Too many read 0

also :-

[imap]:   52:29.20 Account sync home CAPABILITY: ('ST11P00MM-ISCREAM002', '1U25', 'XAPPLEPUSHSERVICE', 'IMAP4', 'IMAP4REV1', 'SASL-IR', 'AUTH=ATOKEN', 'AUTH=PLAIN')
> [imap]:   52:29.20 Account sync home [sync] AUTHENTICATE ('PLAIN',)
> [imap]:   52:32.91 handler NO response: [AUTHENTICATIONFAILED] Authentication failed

Here is the relevant section of .offlineimaprc :

remotehost =
># remotehost =
>remoteuser = xxx
># remotepass = xxxx
>type = IMAP
>ssl = yes
>cert_fingerprint = 13db1ba7073b75443c52a14c3bae0cc9d478567c

How can I configure offlineimap to authenticate in one of the ways icloud accepts (obviously although it specifies 'AUTH=PLAIN' it doesn't mean it?!)

I see that on, the account setting specifies "Apple Token" - I'm not sure what that is...., but it is presumably what is offered with 'AUTH=ATOKEN'

Any advice or help would be very very gratefully received!



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