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Colton Ogden cogden at
Mon Jun 23 16:40:41 BST 2014

Thanks very much for the follow-up. Just to elaborate on what I'm trying to

   - OfflineIMAP 6.5.4.
   - I have two Gmail (i.e., Google Apps) accounts, alice at and
   bob at
   - I'm trying to sync a folder (i.e., label) called "cogden" between
   those two accounts such that, whenever Alice adds an email to "cogden" on
   her end, it ends up in Bob's "cogden" folder, and vice versa. To do so, I'm
   first trying to sync to a local Maildir account that's meant to be a middle
   - To test this, Alice currently has 3 emails in her "cogden" label: 1
   original email and 2 replies to it.
   - When I run offlineimap with the attached .offlineimaprc, though, only
   the 1 original email ends up getting synced to the local Maildir, per the
   output below:

*% ./ *
OfflineIMAP 6.5.4
  Licensed under the GNU GPL v2+ (v2 or any later version)
Account sync alice at
 *** Processing account alice at
 Establishing connection to
 Creating folder cogden[alice at]
Folder cogden [acc: alice at]:
 Syncing cogden: Gmail -> Maildir
 Copy message 3 (1 of 1) alice at ->
alice at
Account sync alice at
 *** Finished account 'alice at' in 0:01

*% find ~/Mail*
./alice at
./alice at
./alice at
alice at,U=3,FMD5=e41c2488d294c886135606bf82aef9c7:2,S
./alice at
./alice at

Per the attached screenshot, though, Gmail does think that there are 3
emails in "cogden" in Alice's account. Do I perhaps have my .offlineimaprc
file configured wrong, if the goal is to sync all 3 of those emails to the
local Maildir?

Thank you!


On Sun, Jun 22, 2014 at 12:27 PM, Eygene Ryabinkin <rea at> wrote:

> Colton, good day.
> Sat, Jun 21, 2014 at 01:48:17PM -0400, Colton Ogden wrote:
> > Is there a particular configuration setting you have to enable to
> > let replies sync across email accounts? We've set up two accounts
> > that can sync received emails, but replies to the original sender
> > don't seem to sync as of yet.
> If you replies go to the same server and they are accessible via the
> same IMAP account that your received mails, than everything should
> work without problems: OfflineIMAP doesn't make any distinction between
> original messages and replies.
> You can check if your replies are on the IMAP this way:
>  - reply to some e-mail from one machine;
>  - set up e-mail client on the different one;
>  - receive all mails via IMAP on the second machine;
>  - check if your reply is here.
> There is a possibility that your replies are only stored locally.
> This is a kind of weird configuration, but it is possible.
> If your IMAP server has replies, but OfflineIMAP can't sync them,
> it will be good to know the version of OfflineIMAP, its configuration
> and the type of IMAP software used.
> --
> rea
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accounts = alice at

[Account alice at]
localrepository = alice at
remoterepository = alice at

[Repository alice at]
type = Maildir
localfolders = ~/Mail/alice at

[Repository alice at]
type = Gmail
remotepass = crimson50
remoteuser = alice at
sslcacertfile = ./dummycert.pem
folderfilter = lambda folder: folder in ['cogden']
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