Syncing Replies

Tomasz ┼╗ok tomasz.zok at
Mon Jun 23 17:34:36 BST 2014

On 2014-06-23 at 11:40, Colton Ogden wrote:
> Per the attached screenshot, though, Gmail does think that there are 3
> emails in "cogden" in Alice's account. Do I perhaps have my .offlineimaprc
> file configured wrong, if the goal is to sync all 3 of those emails to the
> local Maildir?

AFAIK, gmail displays the e-mail and replies to it as a conversation, but it is
not represented as such in the IMAP view of the folder. You can achieve the
conversation-style e-mails when syncing to special folder '[Gmail]/All mail',
but then you cannot select only the 'cogden' label directly.

In my opinion, you could either try to sync '[Gmail]/All mail' or both
'INBOX/cogden' and '[Gmail]/Sent' and then create a post-sync hook which will
work its magic on the e-mails.

One additional note: the names '[Gmail]/All mail', '[Gmail]/Sent' and other
special folders are locale-specific! So if you are working on a general
solution to be deployed potentially in any country, then you cannot hardcode
the names. You could try to run offlineimap in a predefined locale en_US, but
I did not test it so I am not sure how it would work then. If gmail IMAP
servers respond with names dependent on the geolocation of your IP address then
locale set for offlineimap process would not matter.


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