Specifying Multiple SSL Fingerprints

David Soulayrol david.soulayrol at gmail.com
Fri Nov 14 12:56:45 GMT 2014

Hello everyone.

On 2014.11.14 12:55:45 +0100, Zweimueller Wolfgang wrote:

> I have the same problem here with our MS Exchange Cluster. Every now
> and then the IMAP services switches from one server to the other. The
> Exchange admin can not solve the problem by installing the same cert
> on both nodes because the certs are bound to the hosts and not the
> service.

I observe that the GMail Imap server also often changes its signature. I
do not know if this is something that can be handled in OfflineIMAP or
not. Does anyone else have this problem? The part of my configuration
related to this follows:

  [Repository gmail-remote]
  type = Gmail
  cert_fingerprint = 9d5e4c35f59fcb4edd3fa4d47a453bbc1cf2aff1
  remoteuser = david.soulayrol at gmail.com
  maxconnections = 2
  nametrans = lambda f: f.lower()
  folderfilter = lambda f: not '[Gmail]' in f
  realdelete = no
  createfolders = False


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