OpenSSL Exception

Stefan Monnier monnier at
Wed Sep 24 14:00:44 BST 2014

>> > We have approximately 70-80 code contributors. Is anyone against me
>> > contacting all contributors and asking them to agree to add an openssl
>> > exception to our GPL license, so we can remain part of debian? (see
>> >
>> > If that is OK, I will contact all contributors and collect their OK.
>> Wouldn't it be better&simpler to support GnuTLS additionally to OpenSSL?
> GnutTLS has its own list of issues.
> It might be simpler than tracking down contributers, but may not be
> better for all :)

Why would it not be better to be able to use GnuTLS (note: I did/do not
suggest to *replace* OpenSSL with GnuTLS)?


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