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Annette Dean anettedean00 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 17 13:56:10 BST 2015

Hi Dear

I seek your consent to partner me to secure funds for a partnership business soon. The funds is for investment purposes as you will play the role of our family foreign partner.

I have the belief of your ability to render this partnership assistance to me. If however you wont be able to play this role inform me in a reply email.

I want you to assist me secure funds total Seventeen million Us Dollars ($17M) and some gold of my father in my home country, to enable us venture into business with you on completion.I will give you more details and clarification after i receive your candid acceptance to help me and play the role of my family foreigner partner to secure the funds.

My father then made this deposit in a financial firm and informed them that it will be transferred to our foreign partners country, when he or his next of kin directs them and it was after his death in the downed Malaysian airline MH17 by rebels over UKRAINE on the 17th day of July  2014 , that i decided to seek your help to play the role of a reliable foreigner that will assist me to secure and transfer it. As 15% of the fund will go to you.  

So that  i will go into business with you when completed and arrive to meet you. I will wait to hear from you for all details and clarifications to enable us proceed.

Best regards
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