OfflineIMAP-project Digest, Vol 67, Issue 21

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at
Fri Apr 17 14:01:50 BST 2015

>Von: Chris Coleman <notifications at>
>An: OfflineIMAP/offlineimap <offlineimap at>
>Gesendet: Thu Apr 16 19:50:01 MESZ 2015
>Betreff: Re: [offlineimap] mini refactoring etc (#190)
>One algo that needs improving is the algo that determines message
>unique identity.
>Currently using only the IMAP UID, which is not a dependable indicator.
>The IMAP server can reset the UIDs at any time.

With all due respect, that is without any merit. The imap server does not reset UIDs at any time (nor is it allowed to). Message UIDs are how you reliably identify messages across IMAP sessions.

What would be good, were to store the md5 hash and message id (taken from the mail header) so we recognize moving messages across folders (rather than deleting and uploading it).

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