<DKIM> Re:<DKIM> Yet another UID validity problem

Nicolas Sebrecht nicolas.s-dev at laposte.net
Thu Apr 2 20:31:14 BST 2015

On Thu, Apr 02, 2015 at 09:10:47PM +0300, Nikos Alexandris wrote:

> When I remove the local folders, as per the FAQ's recommendation, then, 
> the syncing from Local to Remote just removed anything that was removed 
> locally!
> I am trying to avoid this, until I mange to bring my  .maildir  in the 
> shape I want, by using the
> `readonly = true` instruction for the Remote repository. I am not sure 
> if I have done this correctly though (please, see copy-paste content of 
> my  .offlineimaprc  file which reflects my current setup).

I don't get how readonly might help you.

> > This is not the same
> > thing that removeing the _content_ of the directory which then will 
> > reflect the
> > changes, IOW remove all known messages on the remote.
> I don't understand this:  if I remove a folder, using the very 
> dangerous `rm -rf`, all of its content is lost as well. Right?  (Tip, I 
> have stopped using `rm -rf` and use, as much as I can, `mv stuff /tmp`).

/tmp is a bad idea because it might be wiped on reboot.

> I will.  Before going-on, I did some quick-test of my own.  I just 
> backed up the current .maildir, removed the `INBOX` along with the 
> `LocalStatus` and the `FolderValidity`, and synced with my current 
> setup. All looked fine, until I tried to open some archived mbox-es I 
> have, using mutt, and trying to save read messages in one the existing 
> folders. Most folders appear as empty, though I can see that there are 
> stuff inside.

I have no idea what these "archived mbox-es" are. You'll have to detail
how you do exactly, step by step.

> --%<--- .offlineimaprc --%<---

Quick reviewed.

Nicolas Sebrecht

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