Using keyring to store password.

Stephen Eglen sje30 at
Wed Feb 25 10:09:42 GMT 2015

I have the following in my .offlineimaprc

pythonfile = ~/
maxconnections = 3

[Repository MyMailRemote]
type = IMAP
remotehost =
remoteuser = "sje30"
remotepasseval = keyring.get_password('imap-damtp', 'personal')
ssl = yes

and "import keyring" is in my file.  Is this a good way to 
store the password, or is there a better way?

When I run offlineimap I then get the following error:
 PLAIN authentication failed: [AUTHENTICATIONFAILED] Authentication failed.

but then the mail is copied across (presumably using another method).  

How do I prevent it trying the PLAIN auth method?

Thanks, Stephen

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