Moving from type=IMAP to type=Gmail easily?

Isaac Bennetch bennetch at
Sat Jan 10 02:02:16 GMT 2015


I have a Gmail account which I've been synchronizing locally for some
time. Now[1] that OfflineIMAP supports the type Gmail I'm interesting in
converting my account so that my labels sync directly. Is it
expected/supported for me to simply edit .offlineimaprc and change
type=IMAP to type=Gmail or might this damage something?

Also, while I'm at it, I'm not very clear on how to properly configure
OfflineIMAP to handle syncing all of my mail with labels. It appears as
if I should not set a 'folderfilter' or 'nametrans' and OfflineIMAP
takes care of finding all the proper paths/label names. Will this
duplicate messages on my disk, in other words if I have a 10Mb message
with four labels (plus the ubiquitous "All Mail"), will it consume 10Mb
or 50Mb of my local disk space?

Thank you for the work and assistance!

1 - Yes, I know such support is six months old, I'm just cautious when
changing my sync settings :)

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