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Mon Jan 12 09:35:59 GMT 2015

Edd Barrett <edd at> writes:

> Hi,
> First, thanks for offlineimap. I use it extensively.
> I am having problems with offlineimap occasionally hanging.
> The problem manifests similarly as described in this post:
> So it hangs, then I see the "Terminating NOW (this may take a few
> seconds)..." message.
> Note that, unlike in the above linked post,  I am not using an SSH tunnel,
> just a TLS encrypted IMAP connection to a number of mail servers.
> Sometimes the dreaded "Terminating NOW" message *does* clear.  On other
> occasions it hangs forever.  Pressing CTRL+C again prints the message again
> before hanging more.
> Once at this state, you must kill -9 offlineimap, which is bad because
> it leaves a lock file behind.
> Annoyingly I don't know what causes this to happen. At first I though it
> was when the network connection went down, but I have since convinced
> myself otherwise.
> I'm finding this frustrating, as it interrupts my work flow to kill the
> process and clear the lock.
> Any ideas? This is version 6.5.6 running on OpenBSD.

I might also add another datapoint:

OS: Mac OSX Yosemite
offline installed via homwbrew

I have three servers (gmai, icloud and 1&1) which I sync to local imap
dovecot server, and after a suspend, in many cases, the gmail account
hangs, while the others are still working.

Passwords are extracted from OSX Keychain by using

| import re, commands
| def get_keychain_pass(account=None):
|     params = {
|         'security': '/usr/bin/security',
|         'command':  'find-generic-password',
|         'account':  account,
|     }
|     command = "%(security)s %(command)s -g -a %(account)s " % params
|     outtext = commands.getoutput(command)
|     return re.match(r'password: "(.*)"', outtext).group(1)

As this happens quite often, I will kill it the next time with the
SIGQUIT and send in the traceback.



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