Sync -> Mails there. Sync -> mails gone

Matthias Beyer mail at
Thu Jan 29 14:32:35 GMT 2015

On 29-01-2015 15:31:34, Matthias Beyer wrote:
>     bla_12.Entwurf
>     bla_12.Gesendet
>     bla_12.INBOX
>     bla_12.Papierkorb
>     bla_12.Postausgang
>     bla_12.Spam
>     bla_12.Unbekannt
> These folders got created on my first sync, as I want it. But when
> syncing now, I get this output:

Forgot to mention here that there are no mails in these folders, but
on the remote repository there are mails.

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Matthias Beyer

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