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Matthias Beyer mail at
Thu Jan 29 16:07:20 GMT 2015

On 29-01-2015 17:08:45, Sebastian Spaeth wrote:
> (repository 'LocalBLAWEB') would be created as folder 'INBOX/Gesendet'
> (repository 'RemoteBLAWEB').
> Ahem, all your nametransrule are in a way that suppose "." as mailbox
> delimiter. If your Remote Repository is using "/" as delimiter (as it
> seems to be), you need to create your nametrans rules accordingly.
> So your current remote nametrans rule:
> nametrans = lambda f: "bla_12." + re.sub("^INBOX\.", "", f)
> would probably need to be (untested):
> nametrans = lambda f: "bla_12." + re.sub("^INBOX\\", "", f)

Actually "^INBOX\/", as I am on a linux OS, but thanks for pointing

I have no subdirs by now, so nothing broke by now... but yeah, of

> nametrans rules ARE tricky :-).

Indeed, but you need them when syncing with several accounts into one
big directory.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen,
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Matthias Beyer

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