[offlineimap] removed imaplib2 from this repo (#168)

夏恺(Xia Kai) notifications at github.com
Sun Mar 8 11:40:20 GMT 2015

Sorry for the delay. It's Chinese new year here. 

I'm still looking for a way to check the version of the imaplib2 provided by the system. As we all can see in [bcoe's repo](https://github.com/bcoe/imaplib2/blob/master/imaplib2/imaplib2.py). The `__all__` in the file prevents the detection of the version of imaplib2. I've asked bcoe to remove that `__all__` from the repo, while his opinion is to follow the upstream, which is hosted in sourceforge. We can do some dirty walkaround here. But I doubt if that worth the trouble.

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