[offlineimap] Error message since 6.5.7rc2 update (#172)

mobamoba notifications at github.com
Thu Mar 19 02:07:43 GMT 2015

I got this:
e8db1217d43010173adbf937a3a46e956f5abcfd is the first bad commit
commit e8db1217d43010173adbf937a3a46e956f5abcfd
Author: Eygene Ryabinkin <rea at codelabs.ru>
Date:   Sun Jun 1 22:09:44 2014 +0400

    Fix improper header separator for X-OfflineIMAP header
    For servers without UIDPLUS we are inserting additional header
    just after transformation '\n' -> CRLF was done.  addmessageheaders()
    was written to work with just '\n' as the separator, so X-OfflineIMAP
    header wasn't preceeded by the CRLF, but just by '\n'.
    Signed-off-by: Eygene Ryabinkin <rea at codelabs.ru>

:100644 100644 a05dec2c0406ed95a5c7a75cd8af723523e088a5 4a4db93996f20f6c667c69b4ba7b4ccc1ae47655 M	Changelog.rst
:040000 040000 311b825bd1569f71c585f2eee3f5820a6b83675c cbe9d8ef9ed66b6a5004ab90cd1c84c21362d5bd M	offlineimap

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