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Alvaro Gamez alvaro.gamez at
Mon Mar 23 10:21:36 GMT 2015

Hi there

I'm using offlineimap on a mobile device (Nokia N900) in IDLE mode to sync
with gmail.
Since I've started using it, I've noticed a significant drop in battery

By using powertop and top, I've deduced that offlineimap, even though is
waiting for the server to send out new emails via IDLE protocol, it's still
consuming CPU

Top causes for wakeups:
Wakeups-from-idle in 10 seconds: 1314

Top causes for wakeups:
   2.6% (  500)       <interrupt> : DMA
   1.6% (  308)       <interrupt> : gp timer
   1.0% (  199)         python2.7 : schedule_hrtimeout_range

I have no other python2.7 executable running, and when I stop offlineimap
this line dissappears, so I am positive this wakeups are due to some sleep
code inside offlineimap.

Is there anything that can be done about this? Thanks! (I'm not subscribed
to the list, so please keep me in CC).

Álvaro Gámez Machado
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