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Mon Mar 23 11:53:22 GMT 2015

Nope, it waits for a signal, and python's implementation wakes up every few milliseconds. I would not see a way to work around that without risking infinite freezes.

P.s. yes, it's clearly not optimal.

Am 23. März 2015 11:21:36 MEZ, schrieb Alvaro Gamez <alvaro.gamez at>:
>Hi there
>I'm using offlineimap on a mobile device (Nokia N900) in IDLE mode to
>with gmail.
>Since I've started using it, I've noticed a significant drop in battery
>By using powertop and top, I've deduced that offlineimap, even though
>waiting for the server to send out new emails via IDLE protocol, it's
>consuming CPU
>Top causes for wakeups:
>Wakeups-from-idle in 10 seconds: 1314
>Top causes for wakeups:
>   2.6% (  500)       <interrupt> : DMA
>   1.6% (  308)       <interrupt> : gp timer
>   1.0% (  199)         python2.7 : schedule_hrtimeout_range
>I have no other python2.7 executable running, and when I stop
>this line dissappears, so I am positive this wakeups are due to some
>code inside offlineimap.
>Is there anything that can be done about this? Thanks! (I'm not
>to the list, so please keep me in CC).
>Álvaro Gámez Machado
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