[ANNOUNCE] A fresh new website in the course

Sebastian Spaeth Sebastian at SSpaeth.de
Wed Mar 11 08:36:05 GMT 2015

Hi Nicolas,

cool if somebody redesigns the site. I am not wedded to its design. It is even a design from the 70s (as am I :-)).

But http://offlineimap.org should still be pointing to the content of http://offlineimap.github.io/offlineimap, right?

I am not especially enthusiastic about projects that use the github page as their main entry point as github provides rather little context about a project...


Am 10. März 2015 18:06:43 MEZ, schrieb Nicolas Sebrecht <nicolas.s-dev at laposte.net>:
>  Hello,
>I'm almost done with the construction of a new website.
>This is something we've always been far behind other's projects.
>Everybody has a fancy website while ours still looks like coming out
>from the 80's... :-(
>Honestly, I have big respect for the site at offlineimap.org. This is
>one-guy made and almost nobody volunteered to enter the dance despite
>the calls.
>OTOH, I fully understand. I'm myself reluctant to update it because
>not trivial nor attractive. So yes, I'd like to deprecate and kill it,
>in favour of the latest built.
>The idea is to focus on only 3 sites, make them as open as possible and
>stop with the big joke of having fragmented and duplicated
>everywhere, without a beginning of logic in the frame.
>Hence, I propose the following structure:
>- http://github.com/OfflineIMAP/offlineimap remains our main site.
>  It's dedicated to tracking the sources, issues, contributions, etc.
>- the wiki at https://github.com/OfflineIMAP/offlineimap/wiki
>  Usefull to get the wider audiance, support big changes while
>  developing and bookmark some tips/TODO.
>  I believe it should be easier to update everybody has the possibility
> to work on it with Git and his own editor. Traking the sources is made
> open with https://github.com/OfflineIMAP/offlineimap-wiki so everybody
>  can send pull requests.
>- http://offlineimap.github.io/offlineimap becomes our community's
>  It deprecates both the current http://offlineimap.org and
>  http://offlineimap.github.io/offlineimap (the github gh-pages we made
>  while migrating to the organization at Github a loooong time ago).
>  It must be usefull and handle the user and developers documentation
>  online:
>  - installation guide
>  - quick start
>  - configuration examples
>  - the FAQ
>  - advanced configuration gathered since the begining
>  - the Changelogs
>  - the sphinx APIs
>  ... and more.
>  It aims to become as attractive as possible with
>  - the blog, where everybody is welcome to post in
>  - the screenshots
>  It intend to rely on well-known tools, easy to use and widely adopted
>  in order to keep fun
>  - Jekyll
>  - SASS
>  - markdown/kramdown syntax
>  - Font Awesome
>  - A bit of jQuery
>  - CoffeScript
>This goal was obviously the great opportunity to deeply refactorize the
>documentation. I already did 80-90% of the work.
>Because a lot of changes are still pending in the 'next' branch, the
>current status does not reflect the real WIP. Docmentation at
>offlineimap.git is still not checked-out on the page.
>But before going any further and announce the definitive direction we
>take, I'd like to get your feedbacks on this.
>If most agree, I'll roll it out in the coming - not so far - v6.5.7
>Happy surf! ,-)

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