<DKIM> [PATCH 3/3] __syncmessagesto_flags: store keywords

Igor Almeida igor.contato at gmail.com
Mon Nov 9 12:03:02 GMT 2015

>>> Also, I wonder how Keywords for IMAP <-> IMAP is currently discarded.
>> The default getkeywordmap() raises an exception, so selfflags is not
>> changed. Is that what you mean?
> Yes, if the exception is handled.

It is. Right at the end of patch 3/3, the except block will pass and
nothing is changed.

> Actually, I didn't check if you either
> process Keywords by default and then honor the configuration or if you
> only process Keywords if user has the option enabled.
Right now the message's keywords are always extracted (patch 2/3), and
the mapping takes place if the repository implements getkeywordmap()
(patch 3/3).

I'm unsure whether a boolean for 'enable translation' is required, since
you have to provide the mapping anyway. I don't feel strongly about
this, though.

>>> I guess that dynamically allowing any Keyword would be the next topic.
>>> :-)
>> Hm... in that case offlineimap itself would have to edit the config
>> file, I don't think that's what you really want.
> Not really, the configuration option could be change to accept *any*
> keyword. Oh, this would defeat your intend to map one letter per
> keyword... unless mapping is cached but that's yet another story.
Yes. Mapping is explicit in the config file. Not sure what you mean by

Igor Almeida

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