[offlineimap] socket error causing copy message list.remove(x): x not in list (#198)

Silas Silva notifications at github.com
Sun Oct 11 01:02:32 BST 2015

Hello! It also happened to me in 6.5.6. I had two computers. I could sync the messages in the former but not in the later. It didn't make any difference if I deleted that mailbox and downloaded everything again. So, looking at the first computer I found that the "problematic message" was a corrupted one, without headers and with junk data (some gzip), that was probably the result of a filesystem crash. It probably uploaded it to the mail server (a local one). So, after I deleted it in the machine where offlineimap worked, I was able to make the other machine sync IMAP.

I may provide you the "problematic message" if you want. Unfortunatelly, I didn't save the stacktrace, but I know the last messages were:

ERROR: Copying message 42422 [acc: account_name]
  list.remove(x): x not in list


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