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Mario D'Amore kidpixo at
Thu Oct 15 13:16:17 BST 2015

Hi everybody,
this is my fist email here.

I wrote a small python script to strip attachment from my email and save
them, leavin a lot smaller file behind.

My steps were:
- Saved locally my emails in maildir with offlineimap from a Gmail account
- Run my script that:
   - saved all the attachments in a directory structure like the IMAP folder
   - change the MIME part to text/plain with a warning about the location
of the detached file.

The problem is that offlineimap doens't recognize the modification of the
email and thus doesn't sync the smaller email to the IMAP server.

It's worth to mention that the email have the exact same name and stay in
the same folder after the script run.

Can I 'force' the locale>remote sync in some way?


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