Sync back local emails modification

Konubinix konubinixweb at
Thu Oct 22 18:16:09 BST 2015


Mario D'Amore <kidpixo <at>> writes:

> I wrote a small python script to strip attachment from my email and save them,
> leavin a lot smaller file behind.

I wanted to do this for a long time now. I would be very grateful if you could
share it.

> My steps were:
> - Saved locally my emails in maildir with offlineimap from a Gmail account 
> - Run my script that:
>    - saved all the attachments in a directory structure like the IMAP folder
>    - change the MIME part to text/plain with a warning about the location of
>      the detached file.

> The problem is that offlineimap doens't recognize the modification of the
> email and thus doesn't sync the smaller email to the IMAP server.

> It's worth to mention that the email have the exact same name and stay in the
> same folder after the script run.

> Can I 'force' the locale>remote sync in some way?

I have exactly the same need. It makes me feel better to see that I am not alone
in this situation :-).

Best regards,

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