Sync back local emails modification

Tomasz ┼╗ok tomasz.zok at
Thu Oct 22 18:59:28 BST 2015

Hi Mario,

On 2015-10-15 at 14:16, Mario D'Amore wrote:
> I wrote a small python script to strip attachment from my email and save
> them, leavin a lot smaller file behind.
> (...)
> Can I 'force' the locale>remote sync in some way?

If I try to edit a message in mutt and save changes, what happens is
that the old one is marked to be deleted and a new one appears with
'unread' flag.

To mimic this and therefore force local -> remote sync, you would have
to delete the original file in maildir/cur/ directory and create new one
in maildir/new/

Or maybe you can create a new file in maildir/cur/ as well, but it needs
to have a different filename than the original message. The Message-Id
header must stay the same, but the filename has to be changed.


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