OfflineImapError: IMAP server ... does not have a message with UID '15541'

Tomas Nordin tomasn at
Thu Jan 21 19:26:15 GMT 2016

>> $ offlineimap --version
>> 6.3.4
> This version is very, very old. You should first try with the latest
> stable.

I have 6.6.1 now and problem persist. However, now offlineimap continue
until all mails are fetched, and then report the error. I made a clean
install on another machine with that recent version from scratch, and
the same problem occur.

> If the issue is not solve, I would ask to the Microsoft support or a
> forum. If OfflineIMAP wants to download this UID, it's because the
> server pretend to have this UID. IOW, I'd say it really looks like a
> server issue.

I am in contact with the IT people there. They are not aware of UID:s.
Do you have a suggestion on how I can guide them in helping me
trouble-shoot this.

I mean, is there a suggestion of a way they can query the Imap server so
as to see the UID being reported?

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