<DKIM> [GSoC]Getting Started and Contributing

Abdó Roig-Maranges abdo.roig at gmail.com
Thu Mar 3 08:17:16 GMT 2016


>From which operating system are you attempting this? I assume some linux?

>    I am behind university proxy server. If I am able to access gmail, then
> I guess port 993 should be open (correct me, if I understand wrong).

There is no need to open incomming connections on port 993. Offlineimap only
connects to the outside. outgoing connections are not usually blocked by
firewalls, not on this port, at least.

Check if you can ping or telnet imap.gmail.com. It looks like you will not. If
so, you will need to figure out how to fix your network.

What do you mean "behind a proxy server"? If you mean an http proxy, then that
would not be enough. You need to use a proper gateway to the internet, not just
a server forwarding http traffic on port 80 to the internet.

You can use "ip addr" to see the configuration of your network interfaces and
"route" for your routing table. Probably you should ask for help to someone in
your university though.


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