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Alan Pope alan.pope at
Thu Feb 2 09:46:41 GMT 2017

Hello OfflineIMAP developers,

I previously sent this mail to Nicolas directly, he recommended we
discuss this in the open on this list..

I work at Canonical as part of the engineering team around Ubuntu and
Snapcraft [1].

We’re working on snaps, a platform to enable ISVs to directly control
delivery of software updates to their users, and make their software
available to a considerably wider audience via our snappy store.

I'm a bit of a fan of OfflineIMAP, having used it for a few years now
at home to sync my company mail locally. The versions in some distro
repositories is a bit old now. In Ubuntu 16.04 for example is 6.6, and
Ubuntu 16.10 has 6.7.

With snaps we could keep everyone up to date with the latest release,
directly from github to the store. Snaps are easy to create (compared
to some other packaging schemes) and automate. Indeed, attached is an
example snapcraft.yaml file which would be consumed by the 'snapcraft'
tool, to create a working offllineimap 7.0.13 snap. I'm using this
locally myself.

I was wondering if you’d be willing to have a conversation with me to
discuss some ideas on how we can help deliver the latest and greatest
version of OfflineIMAP to more users?


Alan Pope
Community Manager

Canonical - Ubuntu Engineering and Services
+44 (0) 7973 620 164
alan.pope at
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