Getting OfflineIMAP latest versions to users

offlineimap at offlineimap at
Thu Feb 2 11:45:01 GMT 2017

On 17-02-02 09:46:41, Alan Pope wrote:
> With snaps we could keep everyone up to date with the latest release,
> directly from github to the store. Snaps are easy to create (compared
> to some other packaging schemes) and automate. Indeed, attached is an
> example snapcraft.yaml file which would be consumed by the 'snapcraft'
> tool, to create a working offllineimap 7.0.13 snap. I'm using this
> locally myself.
> I was wondering if you’d be willing to have a conversation with me to
> discuss some ideas on how we can help deliver the latest and greatest
> version of OfflineIMAP to more users?

If we should do that, i would kindly suggest making a snap of the next
branch too, and maybe even some flatpack, as to not seem discriminatory

my 2ct

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