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On 2 February 2017 at 11:45,  <offlineimap at> wrote:
> On 17-02-02 09:46:41, Alan Pope wrote:
>> I was wondering if you’d be willing to have a conversation with me to
>> discuss some ideas on how we can help deliver the latest and greatest
>> version of OfflineIMAP to more users?
> If we should do that, i would kindly suggest making a snap of the next
> branch too, and maybe even some flatpack, as to not seem discriminatory

I don't know much about flatpak, sorry. But I know the two are not
mutually exclusive.

What we usually recommend is getting the snapcraft.yaml into the
master branch of the project, and configure travis-ci or some other
build system to make automatic builds whenever a pull request lands.
That can then automatically be pushed to the 'edge' channel in the
store, and be available almost instantly to adventurous users, and
testers who subscribe to that channel.

Later, when an OfflineIMAP release is cut, during the normal release,
you'd manually push a snap to the 'stable' channel, for the more
conservative users. They'd automatically get updated the next time
they check in. That way you don't end up with people on old versions.

We've got a bit of documentation on how to set all that up, but it
hinges on there being a working yaml first, an example of which was in
my first mail.

Happy to answer any other questions / comments.

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