[ANNOUNCE] upcoming offlineimap v7.1.3

git at ursliska.de git at ursliska.de
Mon Oct 2 22:35:16 BST 2017

I assume I can't reply to the mailing list, but I'd like to give some comments to as many potential testers as possible.

2. Oktober 2017 22:16, "Nicolas Sebrecht" <nicolas.s-dev at laposte.net> schrieb:

> # Notes
> I think it's time for a new release.
> This release introduces experimental support for UTF-8 foldernames.
> ...
> Currently, folders with non-ASCII characters in their name have to be fully
> re-downloaded. So, there's a bit more work to be done to have (3) and maybe (2).

1. enabling utf8foldernames in an existing account that has already been synchronized also required reviewing all filters, nametrans functions etc. I think this has to be stressed because with a tool like offlineimap you can really damage your data.
2. Therefore, and due to the likely duplication of folders with non-ASCII names I think it is wise to use and test utf8foldernames with completely new local repositories, i.e. a copied-and-modified offlineIMAP account with different local root.
3. IMPORTANT: I could not test the new option with GMail accounts, but they are definitely affected by the code changes. So a) please do test it with GMail repositories and b) be careful not to test it with critical data.


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