[ANNOUNCE] upcoming offlineimap v7.1.3

Remi Locherer remi.locherer at relo.ch
Thu Oct 5 22:00:49 BST 2017

On Mon, Oct 02, 2017 at 10:16:03PM +0200, Nicolas Sebrecht wrote:
> # Notes
> I think it's time for a new release.
> This release introduces experimental support for UTF-8 foldernames.
> We already had the "tricky" decodefoldernames which is now deprecated. The new
> code is the correct implementation for this feature. The changes are neat and
> rather small.  This is a long-wanted feature by a lot offlineimap users.  Hence,
> I'd like to graduate this feature to TESTING as soon as possible (and later to
> stable).  With the TESTING tag, it would be really great to have users to try it
> and report if this works for them. AFAICT it's working well, here.
> Thank you Urs Liska for this contribution!
> In the long run, the idea is to:
> 1. Remove decodefoldernames in favour of utf8foldernames.
> 2. Promote utf8foldernames up to stable.
> 3. Turn utf8foldernames on by default.
> Currently, folders with non-ASCII characters in their name have to be fully
> re-downloaded. So, there's a bit more work to be done to have (3) and maybe (2).
> Also, this release includes a fix about remotehost and transporttunnel that
> would require some testing. Thanks Thomas Merkel!
> I aim to make the new release in one week, approximately. If you'd like more
> time, please let me know. ,-)
> Feedbacks will be added to the release notes and the git logs, as usual.

I'm running a checkout of commit 392e64c3b30e0c52906664748dea772d09617186
("next" branch) since a day.

It runs fine on OpenBSD-current with Python 2.7.14 syncing against
dovecot and courier imap servers. None of my folders contain non ascii
characters in their names.


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