folderfilter & nametrans

Francois Sauterey francois at
Sat Jan 19 14:38:27 GMT 2019

Sorry, I do not have to be the first one to ask this question (or a
similar one), but in the absence of a search engine on the archives, I
did not find any answer to my questions.

I just bought a new server, and I have to migrate my imap accounts from
old to new.
Here are the folders created by running offlineimap:
.&AMk-l&AOk-ments envoy&AOk-s
.&AMk-l&AOk-ments supprim&AOk-s
.Courrier ind&AOk-sirable

The first one contains sent messages (which should be in .Sent)

1) I do not want to synchonize .INBOX.[Dratf | Junk | Sent | Trash] folders
So I addes this line in .offlineimaprc
folderfilter = folder lambda: not ('(INBOX \.)', folder)

*but it does not work*

2) I would like the messages in .&AMk-l&AOk-ments envoy&AOk-s to be
synchronized in .Sent
And no rule seems to work, without generating errors.

Can someone help me?

Best regards
Francois Sauterey

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