"Seen" tag not getting synchronized

Tomas Nordin tomasn at posteo.net
Sun Jul 26 20:00:58 BST 2020

Hello Arjun

Arjun <arjunkc at gmail.com> writes:

> Hi
> I have offlineimap syncing a gmail repository that I then use notmuch on. Lately,
> offlineimap has been deleting the S (Seen) flags from my gmail maildir once I change them on the maildir file using notmuch. I am running offlineimap 7.3.3.

Are you sure it is offlineimap doing this? Do you happen to have some
not latest version of K9 mail app on you phone syncing with the same
server. I have seen the problem you describe and sort of concluded it
had to do with the K9 mail app on my phone.



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