should we close this mailing list?

Tomas Nordin tomasn at
Wed Aug 11 11:14:22 BST 2021

Nicolas Sebrecht <nicolas.s-dev at> writes:

> Hello,
> It appears that this mailing list is dying. There's been:
> - 8 threads in 2020
> - 5 threads in 2021
> That's very poor. Less than one per-month.
> I think it's time to close this mailing list. Discussions and reports
> can live on github. That's where almost everything is happening,
> nowadays.

I don't personally refuse to communicate via issues on Github but prefer
the mailing list kind of communication. I know I'm not alone, even
though the number of people who don't care is higher. Offlineimap is
strongly related to mail handling, so it seems to make sense to have a
mailing list. I am greatful for this list and hope it will stay.

Have a nice day

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