should we close this mailing list?

Jorge P. de Morais Neto jorge+list at
Tue Aug 10 11:32:11 BST 2021


Em [2021-08-08 dom 02:36:43+0200], Nicolas Sebrecht escreveu:

> It appears that this mailing list is dying.  There's been:
> - 8 threads in 2020
> - 5 threads in 2021
> That's very poor.  Less than one per-month.
> I think it's time to close this mailing list. Discussions and reports
> can live on github. That's where almost everything is happening,
> nowadays.
> I'm expecting few people to raise and request to keep it alive. Please,
> bear in mind that having many communication channels is time consuming
> for the active contributors. Also, this does not help users because we
> might miss requests for a long time.
> So, unless someone comes with GOOD reasons, I intend to close this
> mailing list. Expect a new email with the final decision.

I hope the list is preserved.  Email has a standard interface that can
be automatically filtered (for example with notmuch), tagged and scored.
And it can be accessed with ethical and privacy respecting free
software.  Users should not have to neither lose their freedom nor give
usage data do Big Tech to get software support, especially for a libre


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