[parted-devel] about msdos 2T partition issue

Jim Meyering jim at meyering.net
Wed Feb 11 18:43:07 UTC 2009

Joel Granados <jgranado at redhat.com> wrote:

> I revisited this issue and conclude that I was very hasty in posting the patch.  Xerces is correct,  the creation of the msdos partition should be allowed.  Its possible, so why not?.  What should not be allowed is the creation of a partition inside the msdos label that has length or start values that exceed 2T.  Why,  because the values used for these partitions would not be the ones given by the user.  This is how parted does things ATM, so everything is ok.
> I still, however, see that the code that checks if the partition has exceeded its limits, is in libparted/disk.c.  I still insist that it should be contained in every label file.  Or at least have some sort of variable in each lable that defines the maximum allowable partition size and partition start.  In this way, these max values can be called from libparted/disk.c and used in a more general way.  Right know we are defining the maximum size and start of an msdos partition in disk.c,  that just seems wrong to me.
> Comments greatly appreciated.  otavio. meyering?

Good points.
I agree.

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