[Piuparts-devel] piuparts source control

John Wright john at movingsucks.org
Thu Feb 15 07:40:25 CET 2007


Do we have an official bzr branch or svn repository for piuparts?  I
notice a /svn/piuparts directory on alioth, but there's nothing in the
repository.  I have a contribution, but currently no way to check it in!

If it's just a matter of setting things up, I'd be glad to.  I have a
bzr branch that's a descendent of Lars's original bzr tree that we could
use, or if people are more comfortable with svn, I could import it into
the existing (empty) svn repository.

In any case, I've attached a patch for discussion.  It adds an option
"--warn-on-others", to prevent a purge-test from failing if files owned
by packages not explicitly specified on the command-line are left
behind.  This way, if developers want to test their own packages, only
purge errors caused by their own packages will cause failure.  Files
left behind by other packages will be considered warnings.

This does have its shortcomings:  if a file is left behind that doesn't
seem to belong to *any* package, using this option will make that a
warning rather than a failure.  In my opinion, this is an acceptable
risk -- the offending file would still be output (as a warning), and the
developer would hopefully know which files belong to their package.

Also, piuparts has no way of knowing which packages caused the removal
or modification of a file belonging to another package, so these sorts
of errors will always fail the purge-test.

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